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Yeast infections are uncomfortable but with the right knowledge, yeast infection natural remedies work really well. Often better than traditional medications!

Yeast infections can be recurring and chronic for some women or one offs. Women often find that they get recurring yeast infections while pregnant, likely because hormones are all over the place and the immune system is down. Yeast infections typically happen when the vaginal pH or microbiome gets disrupted, or when there is an imbalance in your gut microbiome or your blood sugar is high. This means that people with diabetes or gestational diabetes can get recurrent or chronic yeast infection.

I personally had gestational diabetes while pregnant, and suffered with recurring yeast infections. (Less after I adopted the below strategy for a natural yeast infection cure though!) That is why I have a strategy for yeast infection natural remedies! I really didn’t like taking medication while pregnant, so I did a deep dive and figured out the best way to treat yeast infections at home! This stuff really works, and I’ve cured several yeast infections myself with the information I share in this article.

What Causes A Yeast Infection

Yeast infection causes are generally an overgrowth of yeast (candida) in the gut, or an unbalanced vaginal PH. Yeast thrives in warm, moist environments and feeds on sugar. You can get a yeast infection on skin, in the mouth, or internally. Some women find that they get yeast infections at the same time every month (yeast infections during period) which is hormone driven, and those with diabetes often suffer from frequent yeast infections due to high blood sugar.

Yeast infections can be contagious. They can spread from mom to baby or from baby to mom when nursing. Yeast infections can also pass via sexual activity between adults.

If you Suffer from Chronic Yeast Infections, consider eliminating the following triggers for preventing yeast infections:

All of the yeast infection natural remedies will work better if you are also living a healthy lifestyle which supports a balanced gut and vaginal ph. These tips will help ensure that you find a natural yeast infection cure!

  • Cut Sugars – yeast feeds on sugar and high blood sugar often goes hand in hand with chronic yeast infections. Reduce or eliminate all refined sugars and ‘white’ carbs like white bread, pastries etc. Sugar can also decrease the effectiveness of your immune system so its really a double hit.
  • No Alcohol – yup alcohol is basically just sugar.
  • Remove Synthetic fragrances & chemicals from your house: these are endocrine disruptors which mean that they throw your hormones out of whack. Invest in natural, fragrance free products – your vagina will thank you. This includes detergent, soap, shampoos, conditioner etc.
  • Sex…many condoms & lubes can have ingredients which throw off your natural vaginal balance. Consider investing in products that are completely natural. Check out the best natural lubes for sex here.
  • Antibiotics – these throw off your natural gut microbiome and often wreck havoc on your body. Many women find that they get a yeast infection after a course of antibiotics. If this is the case be sure to follow instructions for restoring a healthy gut below.

Where Can You Get A Yeast Infection?

  • Babies can get yeast infections in their diaper area, in their neck rolls, thigh rolls, mouth. Basically anywhere moist and warm. Yeast infection diaper rashes can also present with sores or bumpy skin.
  • Women can get vaginal yeast infections (most common), anal yeast infections, nipple yeast infections (when nursing).
  • A yeast infection in Men generally presents in the anus and under the penis foreskin.
  • Yeast infections can present anywhere warm & moist on the body. Armpits, folds of skin, the mouth, under breasts, on the tongue or on the groin.

Signs and Symptoms You Have a Yeast Infection

  • Itching
  • Burning Sensation
  • Redness
  • Inflammation
  • Discharge (for a vaginal infection you may have cottage cheese like discharge, but not necessarily)
  • Yeast infection sores
  • Bumpy skin
  • Painful intercourse

Yeast Infection Natural Remedies

I initially looked into how to treat a yeast infection naturally with yeast infection home remedy when I was pregnant and suffering with recurrent, chronic yeast infections. I didn’t like treating my yeast infections with the traditional medications like canesten or fluconazole. They are supposed to be safe during pregnant, but its not really studied, and I prefer to not to use that sort of stuff, especially when pregnant, besides that I had taken a few courses of treatment and I kept having symptoms! So I had to try something new. Yeast infection natural remedies have worked really well for me!

Anti-fungal medications like Canisten & Fluconazole are like a bandaid – they make you feel bette for a bit, but they do not address the underlying cause of the Yeast Infection. You are likely to get another yeast infection soon after if you don’t address the underlying cause.

This is how I cured my chronic yeast infections naturally

Step 1: Use Coconut Oil to Treat The Yeast Infection

Insert Coconut Oil Capsules Vaginally (to make these wrap a teaspoon of coconut oil in tin foil and put in the fridge or freezer to harden, this makes it easier to insert. Coconut oil is a natural anti-fungal and I found it provided almost instant relief to the itchy/burning feeling. I inserted one capsule every night until all symptoms disappeared (which was usually about 5 nights). If you are treating a yeast infection somewhere other than the vagina, simply apply coconut oil several times a day to the affected area.

Step 2: Support Immune System With Supplements & Treat Yeast Infection Internally

In addition to the coconut oil capsules I took an approach to help support my immune system to help fight the infection and also ingest ingredients which would help fight the yeast (candida) overgrowth that was likely in my guts. To do this I used the following:

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  • Eat loads of raw garlic. “Allicin — the major biologically active component of garlic — exhibits antibacterial and antifungal properties” read more here. I personally use Cold Storm Garlic Extract which comes in liquid form. Its handy because I can also give it to my daughter when signs of a cold start. (The linked product is only sold on Amazon.ca at present). If you cannot get it in your location any high quality garlic supplement will work.
  • Start the day with a big glass of water with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in it. It is a key yeast infection natural remedies tool!Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar has antifungal properties and can kill Candida. This study looked at the direct application of apple cider vinegar to candida in clinical settings, and not directly to human skin. It’s worth remembering that undiluted Apple Cider Vinegar can burn the skin when left on for long amounts of time. Some people do apple cider baths to treat yeast infections, or spray diluted apple cider vinegar directly to the affected area. These are both great options, but ensure the apple cider vinegar is diluted with water before applying to the skin.

Step 3: Yogurt & Probiotics For Yeast Infections

We’ve chatted about how yeast infections can be caused by an imbalance or overgrowth of certain strains of candida in the gut or after taking antibiotics. If this is the case for you, be double sure to take this step. The probiotics in yogurt are said to be very good at rebalancing the natural flora of the vagina or area with yeast infection and are one of the best yeast infection natural remedies. Some people apply yogurt directly to the affected area. I’ve never tried this, but I do make sure to eat one serving of dairy free yogurt daily while suffering from a yeast infection. I also try to eat some sort of fermented food (sourkraut, kim chi, kombucha, water kefir, etc) daily. You can take it one step further and take a probiotic, make sure that Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains are listed. I really like this probiotic, both when suffering from a yeast infection, and also taken preventively. Its a good idea to take the probiotic daily until infection free for several months to ensure your gut microbiome is back in balance.

Natural Skin Yeast Infection Remedies

Struggling with a yeast infection on your skin? Here are some tips to treat the yeast infection naturally:

  • Keep the area as dry & cool as possible – yeast loves warm moist places.
  • Wear breathable, 100% cotton clothing to ensure there is airflow.
  • Apply coconut oil several times throughout day, it is a natural anti-fungal.

Yeast Infection Bath

Another one of my yeast infection natural remedies is a soothing yeast infection bath. This will calm the irritation and you can add ingredients which are natural antifungals to help treat the yeast infection naturally. Add the following for a soothing yeast infection bath:

  • A couple drops of lavender essential oil
  • A splash of apple cider vinegar (up to 1/4 cup)
  • A drop or two of tee tree oil
  • 1 cup of baking soda

Please try the yeast infection natural remedies next time you are suffering from a yeast infection! Do you have a tried and tested yeast infection natural remedy? I’d love to hear it, please tell us in the comments!!

Yeast Infection Natural Remedies (Cure a Yeast Infection at Home)
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